Download as Arduino .ZIP library

VatiCAN, short for vetted, authenticated CAN bus, is a software library designed as a software-only drop-in replacement for electronic control units (ECUs) for cars.

The vatiCAN library is provided as Arduino library with an elaborative example on how to use it.



  1. Install the library through the “Add .ZIP file function”
    Install ZIP in Arduino
  2. Choose Examples/vatican/AUthenticatedPingPong and click Verify.
    Choose Example
  3. Connect two Arduinos with a CAN bus shield (We use SeeedStudio’s CAN Bus Shield)
    Connect Arduino
  4. Select the Arduino port of the 1st Arduino
  5. Click Upload to upload the compiled program to the first Arduino.
  6. Select the serial port of the other Arduino
  7. Click Upload to upload the compiled program to the second Arduino.
  8. Open the Serial Monitor (Ctrl+Shift+M or Cmd+Shift+M) to interact with VatiCAN.
    See the Documentation for further details on how to interact with the provided example code.