PhD Giorgi Maisuradze Assessing the Security of Hardware-Assisted Isolation Techniques
MSc Simeon Hoffmann Leveraging TrustZone for parameterized Automotive Firmware
BSc Simeon Hoffmann Automatic identification of Vulnerabilities in Binary Embedded Firmware.
BSc Andrey Eganov Extending a search-based test generator for procedural generation of driving scenes
BSc Marius Bleif Automated Reverse-Engineering of the x86 instruction set
BSc Johannes Lampel War on Oranges. Identifying flaky tests in software development.
MSc Marc Müller Evolutionary Test Generation for Automous Vehicles
MSc Muhammad Sarmad Khan Protected Control Data live reinforcement using LLVM.
MSc Samer Al-Bakhlul Run-Time Monitoring Framework to detect exploited Software based on Intel's Processor Trace Feature
MSc Tri Huynh Automated Simulation Generation from Vehicle Crash Reports.
MSc Ferdinand Brasser Live Updates of the XEN Hypervisor
MSc Hugo Ideler Cyrptography as a Service in the Cloud